Part Six – The Settling and Unsettling of the World


Part Six

The Settling and Unsettling of the World

Selected passages from the chapter…


“And suddenly the spell of hate and the madness of war were gone, dissipated as though with a sudden breath of wind by the onslaught and utter exhaustion of carnage and horror of the past days. And the survivors looked at each other, and as though for the first time, they saw each other as men…”


“Who had built this tall and wonderful structure we can still but only guess. Many at the time – as many still now – believed that it was one of the Ahastemnaeri, the Gracegiven: one of those very few, intensely rare glories of some former version of the world granted the protection of the heavens to survive through the Scorchings which time and again had wiped all else from the lands and the seas and the skies, so that these sacred structures and beings, favoured alone of the heavens themselves, may endure where all else had turned to dust, to inspire and, perhaps in time to teach the new world which was to come…”


“Of course, throughout these many years the rest of the world was changing too, adding what in truth, though they seem the most recent, most relevant, and most well-known, are in fact merely the multitude of finishing touches to the long, preceding lines of the history of our world as has just been told, defining the specifics of that world as we know it today…”


“But after a time, some, then others in turn, had begun to turn their thoughts once more back to their former homeland of Orion, and wonder, and mourn, and be sickened by the tales and the places where violence and conflict endured, and in some places seemed to have grown. And so they vowed that from then they would no longer merely judge, and watch: rather they would help, where and in whatever fashion they could…”


“Such were the developments of the continent in its recent years, as have been recorded, and as are largely straightforward to put down here on paper. But there have been other changes too. Changes far less clear-cut, far less visible. Changes which force us perhaps to move away from record and back once more into that which we have left – or at least thought we did – for so many long years. Back into uncertainty; back even into the myths and legends of old…”

* * *