Part Three – The Advent of Man


Part Three

The Advent of Man

Selected passages from the chapter…


“The beginnings of the Taal – the true beginnings, of the very first of the Taal in the early days of the world – are very much like our own: many slender veins of truth and untruth intertwined and running deep and, ultimately, out of sight beneath a hazed surface shrouded by confusion and the thick, near-impenetrable murk of time…”


“Certain great beings did he imbue with mighty powers, even close to his own, that they may bridge the gap between his eternal mind and the minds of those mortal beings of the world, to communicate with and direct them in the meaning and purpose of his ways and what he had put there for them. And greatest of these wondrous beings were the Mayakiim…”


“Legends tell of Sihyun itself as a great city of light above and amidst the sea of conflict and shadow that was Orion of this time; as a great, stretching plain swept like wind with music and song; as a place of peace and grandeur so great as to engulf and overwhelm into blissful madness those not accustomed to and prepared for it. Mighty statues of the Gods rose tall above even the tallest of buildings, and in certain sections of the city great, intricate patternings of gemstone lay wide upon the ground in reflection of certain features of the Stars above. A great lake lay at the very centre of all, wide and silent, in the centre and just below the surface of which burned a green flame which lit the waters a soft, shimmering hue which merged into the reflections of the tall trees which grew to the water’s edge all around. And about this lake lay the Garden, wonderful and vast, impenetrable to any troubles or thoughts of sadness or anger, for this was the heart of all peace and wonder in the world…”


“…And though these relics were fewer in number now, those which remained were mighty indeed, so that almost in reducing the Eralyïn in number it seemed the new and greater focus on those which remained caused them to swell and grow mightily in their power, and they were truly as weapons of the heavens wielded upon Lourne…”


“And thus, so at least this version of the tale goes, came the race of Man to Azhera, there soon to abandon for the most part their peaceful ways, and their seeking, and to begin for a great age of the world a long and wholly separate way of life, and a great history, of their own…”


“In counterpoint to those noble figures, however, are also depicted others, of at least equal power and mastery over Magic, but who studied and used it not for the protection and the balance of the world, but instead for ill: for power, or for vengeance, or for cruelty; or otherwise in some way against the natural order and harmony of the world. And these dark, treacherous figures were the kladīr. Or witches to our modern tongue…”


“Many years later, in Orion, a great and terrible plague was forming in the west. Colossal Aigans, born directly of Eremis, High God of Wildlife, were advancing from north and east and south upon the seven Ancient tribes of Man who had made their homes upon the western planes of the continent…”


“Little is known, but much has been guessed, about what happened next. All that can be said for certain is that this is the point at which the fragile framework of myth and guesswork begins to transform, slowly, into the more sturdy foundations of fact…”


“Worshiped and revered, studied and feared… It was a source of wonder and terror, harmony and suspicion, standing ever silent and powerful as the Ancient peoples thronged about it, all still trying in vain to come to terms with the power that had come to them. Even were the Mhytha at times said to have come openly to the Temple, in pilgrimage and to ensure the safety and stability of this precious, mighty wonder…”


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