Part Five – Meritraia


Part Five


Selected passages from the chapter…


“Perhaps born from a lingering, desperate fear that this new-found peace and time of quiet would not last, it grew quickly to become a great city, powerful as it was vast. Within a generation it boasted a palace and city limits to be admired, and within another even those whose hands had crafted these things were truly in awe of what they had achieved…”


“Indeed the passing of time and the scale of the world was so great that most of Man came first not to care, and then to forget entirely what had passed before, or what lay beyond. While some few remained who studied the world, and remembered it, and knew more about what lay beyond in time and place than others, most came in that same time to know and understand little more than what existed within the limited sphere of their own lives…”


“And thus now do we see the first of the frontier cities. Some of these places never really gained a foothold. Some established themselves, but then dwindled. Others succumbed to fates far worse… But amongst all these, there were others which did establish themselves, as seeds finding rare footholds in the sheer, unforgiving rock of a cliff. And these cities thrived, and grew…”


“He also took a locket which Jaimus had hidden carefully in the folds of his son’s robe. Jaimus had hoped that the boy’s Mother would find it, but Samsa knew that the baby would be searched first before it was released to her. And so as Jaimus was taken from the room in the morning, Samsa went to the child and took the piece, hiding it with the notes. Hearing the crowd roar as Jaimus was brought out to them, Samsa looked into the baby Irraifan’s eyes, and wept.”


“King Valensin acted quickly, and on many fronts. Speaking to his people both directly within Emantia and through his nobles and the leaders of his forces throughout the realm he issued a great rallying cry of unity and strength, speaking fiercely of the need to abandon past conflicts and turn the attention and efforts of all towards this new threat…”


“In some places stands were made. And in some fewer places these stands endured for a time, and even in some cases were the terrible enemy pushed back and routed and slaughtered themselves. But these times are so remembered now because they were so few…”


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