Part One – From the Ever


Part One

From the Ever

Religion, Myth, and Magic, and the Forming of the World

Selected passages from the chapter…


“…And as the single blinding glare of the storm of flame receded, from it then could be discerned countless individual specks of light like mighty, shimmering embers amidst the night. For this was life now distinguishing itself into innumerable parts, smaller than the whole but in themselves even more wonderful and magnificent than before…

And thus were formed the Stars.”


“…Not for long, however, were the Constellations, and Venya, and all those other offspring of Asthylein to reside in peace amidst the new realm of time and place which had been created by the Awakening. For in the tearing asunder of the soul of the Everything, had been created two utterly opposed and incompatible forces, of which Light was but one. The other was Darkness: and it too had its own will, and its own power, and its own desire for the right and the territory of existence to which the forces of Light likewise were making their claim…”


“…And it was not the Stars and the Darkness alone which fought this war: For created also in these years, some in the fiery splendours of the Stars, and others amidst the dim, cold reaches of the Darkness, were other forces made by those first in this time…”


“…And so, at first, a place of battle and reckoning was made, amidst all else, beneath the gaze of the Stars and the Darkness which surrounded in infinite wonder, in order that this first and greatest and only of all questions may be asked and answered: Should the will and the soul of the Ever be granted consent to thrive and grow – or would it die here in its beginning, and dwindle back into the cosmic reaches of nothingness and everything from whence it came…

And this new place, this place of reckoning, was the World.”


“…And so, for the first time, did one of the world above enter the Underworld. But even as they took their first steps, they were halted, for a vast being rose up before them. For though no life had ever come or been sent or been given leave to thrive here, nonetheless, it dawned on the doomed and weary troop, it was here: born of the very essence and power of the myrrh itself… They had met Odenonne, master of the Sea of the Deep, Lord of the Underworld.


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