Part Two – The First Days of Lourne


Part Two

The First Days of Lourne

From the beginning of Antiquity upon the new world, to the Fall of the High Gods of Lourne

Selected passages from the chapter…


“And as the flames finally grew low and began to fall back once more into the rock and the earth, Antiquity begun anew, life was given form once more in two mighty Tribes. Light and Dark, rebuilt and come again, would on behalf of those mighty powers of the cosmos beyond renew once more their great unfinished struggle, creating their mighty bastions of power in Mountains of White and Black upon distant ends of the world…”


“Those born directly of the Mother and the Father have taken many names: the Firstborn; the High Gods of Lourne; the Alucids in the Ancient tongue of Man who was yet to set foot upon the world. And amongst them were divided the six Realms of the material and spiritual worlds, and that which lay in between…”


“And finally, of the Dragons was Orlyss. And Orlyss was a legend and a mystery, even in his own time; a soaring behemoth of nightmare and of dream come alive upon the world, graceful and mighty beyond thought…”


“And after seeing his work and seeing then what this new race had the potential to become without this understanding, Ossoulton abandoned Man, having not the heart to destroy him, but deciding never again to aid or appear to them, and vowing in his horror and his shame never to craft life of any form again…”


“…And their purpose, instilled in them and forming them, flowing ever through their very essence, was balance. Protection. Governorship. Maintenance of the purity and the sanctity of Magic in the world, whatever that may mean. They were spirits; ephemeral in appearance yet whole and real beneath, as breath made suddenly visible in chill air about the body from which it came. They took the form of a gust of wind; of a song upon the air; of a rippling through grasslands; a trembling and quaking of rock; of a wave; a droplet of rain; of a clapping of thunder or of a whispering of the night. In each of them was carried the strength and ancient wisdom of the world, and through them each and altogether was spoke the distant voice of the world; that deepest, quietest place of the world which even the gods of the Aikhoronad had never known, set there as it had been by, and in echo of, the Stars at its Creation…”


“Such was the length of time which had passed by now in the lineages of the Aikhoronad that Kellebin’s line, demigod and a union of the mortal and heavenly worlds as he was, could be traced back through the years ultimately both to Lohuren, Goddess of Evanescence and Bryrhein, God of the Unyielding themselves. And Kellebin’s was a love of and a yearning for light and beauty in the world; the search for such things filling the waking and wandering of his days, and the dreaming of his nights…”


“…Though one of the men, from across the glade, thought for a moment that from the Darkness he discerned something else amidst the shock; something above it. Almost as though it had expected this, feared it, for as long as Man had walked the world…


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