From Silence, the Song

A primer to the entirety of the world of the Núminway Chronicles, so far as is possible to condense into a single text.

Such is the aim of From Silence, the Song.

It is within this foundational Chronicle, alone above all others, that the origins and the events of the coming and the changing of the world up to the point of the beginning of the Alhanthra Saga are laid out, clearly and fully.

It is the words from this primer which, for the most part, comprise the other sections of this site (see The World of the Núminway Chronicles, and Appendices pages) – though these are but a small fraction of the whole that is the full text of From Silence, the Song.

And while a vast amount has been realised and recorded in the primer already, there is also much detail which has yet to be written. It will take many years for all the detail on all the topics of particular note to be written and explained.

And so, in the meantime, it is the Chronicles themselves which will do the telling, revealing piece by piece the long, curious history of the world in which they are set. Sometimes these pieces will be small, and intricate; a mere hinting at the shape and depth of this History. And at other times they will be large, and bright, and clear, revealing great chunks and swathes of the History at a time. But always, hopefully, they will add at least something.


And so while the chapters of From Silence, the Song take their ever-growing shape, we move on to the telling of one small moment in one of those chapters.

Small, at least, in time; for while the events which follow take place over a mere blinking of an eye relative to the History which surrounds them, in all other ways this is no small tale: in its importance to all else around it, this is a tale great indeed.

It is the tale of Magic’s Heart