The Chronicles

The Núminway Chronicles have gone through several incarnations before they came to the form they exist in now. And even now the majority of them exist only in planned form. And while my thoughts on the beginning and endings, and some of the major turning points in between, seem fairly set, it is a simple but undeniable truth that all plans can change.

They were always designed to be a series; not one book, or a trilogy, but a longer series. A series which would allow for a great period of time to be covered; for ideas and themes to be fully explored; for characters to become known, and loved, and hated; and for the reader (and certainly no less for me) to become truly lost in the world in which they are set.

Like the building of a web they started from a single point, a single vividly-imagined scene, from which wider strands were drawn to become the framework of the story, between which the details then steadily were crafted. And then it grew. And has grown ever since. From one long series, to several linked but shorter ones, to several other variations, the format of the Chronicles changed and changed again as new ideas came and became incorporated into them.

But while much of what is to be written within them remains for now unwritten, that format at least is decided. The Chronicles will comprise of one main series, preceded and interspersed with other individual books telling of key events which came before or occur throughout that series. And then, they will end.

But that end is some way off. For now.

Click below to explore…

From Silence, the Song

Magic’s Heart

Bella of the Whispering World

Brothers of Arrowvale

The Alhanthra Saga, Book One

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