Maps & Artwork

From the outset maps have formed an important part of the Núminway Chronicles. From their first inception, it was in ‘map form’ that the series began to take shape.

And as with the storyline of the Chronicles itself, these maps have gone through many, many revisions prior to arriving in their finished state. The first World map was begun in pencil upon a sheet of A4 paper, sitting one afternoon by a fire. I had thought to create a rough sketch of the World within the bounds of that one sheet of paper – and indeed at first I thought I had. But then the story grew, and grew again, and what at first was the World became in time just a small part of it, around which other sheets of paper had to be carefully sellotaped, again and again, above and below and either side, until finally I had the World that exists today.

That original, numerously-sellotaped map, though since it has been revised, digitalised, and altered still further, still sits folded carefully in an orange folder in a large desk. I look at it from time to time, still with that same pang of excitement I had those many years ago when first I put pencil to paper. A copy of it can be found through the first of the links below.

Click on the following to look at a series of world, region, and local maps, and also a selection of other artwork and early sketches from the Chronicles…

Global Maps

Region Maps

Local Maps

Other Artwork

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