To those who find this site having sought it, and to those having found it through sheer happenstance and good fortune, the same warm and heartfelt greetings.

You have come to the place of exploration of, and portal into, the heart and the history of the world of The Núminway Chronicles.

For while the Chronicles themselves may form the outward skin, it is the world which lies behind, and beneath, and ever-about them which gives them their strength, and ultimately their meaning. It is the world of the Chronicles which came first – at least in its earliest, nascent form. It is the world of the Chronicles upon which the words and events of those same Chronicles are placed, and against which they are to be judged.

Here you will find, perhaps, as many questions as you do answers. But altogether it will be, at least, a start. A start which, together with the Chronicles, both those current and all those to come, may one day, perhaps, lead to an End.


“…Having found me, through your wonderings and your seeking, through me now find others, and find greater, wondrous things. Do not stop here. The world is there, child, all of it, for you to seek out, and to find, and to touch. So do it. Seek, and find, and touch…”


And so…

For an exploration of the world within which the Chronicles are set, click here…


For additional notes expanding on certain areas, click here…


For a look at some of the maps and other artwork of the Chronicles, click here…


For a summary of the Chronicles themselves, click here…


And finally for details of how to contact the author, click here…


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